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David and Goliath

            In today's society money is power and size is everything, is it not? That is the way leadership and politics were looked at in ancient times until a poor Shepard boy named David set out to do something no one thought he was capable of doing.
             In the books of I and II Samuel David does the inevitable for his people. At the time, a ten-foot tall Goliath of the Philistine's was sent to challenge David's people the Israelites. It was said that Goliath would fight an Israelite warrior and the losers people would become slaves.
             When no one volunteered, little David stepped forward to meet the challenge, despite people telling him that he didn't have a chance.
             David replied to Saul, "Your servant has been tending his father's .
             sheep, and if a lion or a bear came and carried off an animal from .
             the flock, I would go after it and fight it and rescue it from its mouth. .
             And if it attacked me, I would seize it by the beard and strike it .
             down and kill it. Your servant has killed both lion and bear; and .
             the uncircumcised Philistine shall end up like one of them, for he .
             has defied the ranks of the living God. The Lord," David went on, .
             "who saved me from the lion and bear will also save me from that .
             Philistine" I Samuel 17: 34-37.
             David shows leadership both in himself and the Lord gives him a leader to follow. He knows his ability and is not afraid to face someone that is simply bigger in size.
             David, by turning to his own intelligence becomes the greater power. He has a belief in himself which becomes the strongest weapon available. David knew from previous experiences such as the lion and the bear that he had the capabilities to handle opponents that appear to be more powerful than himself. He realized that the only thing he has to fear was fear itself. This also is the first step in becoming a leader because you do not believe in yourself no one will want to follow.
             David took only a sling shot and five stones to fight Goliath.

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