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Accountability of Sensitive Items

            Accountability of sensitive items is essential to job performance in all aspects. We not only rely on ourselves to get jobs done, but also the necessities that help us do a job correctly as well. It also plays a major part in personal/civilian life. Lack of accountability not only affects you, but also affects your subordinates, peers, and leaders. Although accountability of items has heavy effects on things you do, there are many simple things you can do to maintain control of your items that not only must be carried on you, but also things that are not continuously needed and are locked away. By maintaining control of sensitive items, you put yourself in an exceptional position to stand out above your peers and help yourself strive towards professional development. Learning to do this religiously will ensure timely execution of tasks, and will enhance job performance.
             ┬áPositive results start when service members view accountability programs as helpful and progressive methods of assigning and completing work. For example, leaders who involve their subordinates in setting goals and expectations can hope to find that they will understand expectations better, are more confident that they can achieve their goals, and can perform at a higher level than normal. Positive results also occur when service members don't associate accountability only with negative consequences. If they do not fear failure, if leaders recognize them for their accomplishments, and if leaders support their subordinates when goals become difficult, they are more likely to be more committed to the work that is at hand.
             If you maintain positive accountability in the workplace, your job becomes much easier, and the leaders not only in the military world, but civilian world, will respect and think much higher of you. Little things such as a printed military license, keys, printed profiles, dog tags, proper wear of nametapes, and sticky notes that contain sensitive information can all be things that require a stronghold on accountability.

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