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To Feed Or Not To Feed

             What is the first thing that comes to mind when people hear that word. They probably think of a huge, man-eating, great white shark chomping on some unsuspecting swimmer. Why do people react to the word shark that way. Perhaps it is because people have unintentionally been taught to fear sharks. Because of all the movies, television shows, newspapers, and tabloids, people believe sharks are attacking other people all the time and for no reason. It is no wonder that some people are scared to go in the water. There are, however, hundreds of people who purposefully enter the water every day around the world to feed and swim with sharks.
             Technically, the practice is called "shark feeding." People who are trained as scuba divers go to destinations in Florida, and around the world, and try to get sharks to swim close to them by feeding the sharks. These divers are apparently convinced that swimming with sharks is not dangerous, and that sharks are not the scary monsters the media would like for people to believe. While these shark feeding dives are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, there are some people who believe these dives are dangerous, both for the divers and for the sharks. .
             The opponents of shark feeding dives believe that feeding causes sharks to become more aggressive, and it puts lives in danger. Opponents cite to statistics and to state and national groups that have already banned divers from feeding any kind of fishDivers feed other types of fish as well, and there is some question of whether that is a safe thing to do. The people who run these dives believe that shark dives will help get rid of the reputation sharks have for being aggressive, man-eating fish. They, as well as I, believe legalized shark feeding in designated areas around the world by certified divers will allow for a collection of information to dispel this bad reputation of sharks today.

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