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Breast feeding vs Bottle feeding

             Breast fed children suffer fewer illnesses, such as diarrhea, earaches, pneumonia, and other such infections. .
             Breast milk slows down the growth of bacteria in the intestines and it is thought that breast fed babies suffer fewer episodes of E.Coli poisoning. Breast feeding strengthens the immune system in the infant. Breast feeding helps prevent food allergies. Women should avoid foods such as peanuts, eggs, and cow's milk products while nursing to help prevent said allergies in their infant. .
             And, breast feeding may also mean higher test scores, according to some scientific researchs.
             On another view, some breast-feeding mothers say that breast-feeding connects them to their child. .
             And, while breast feeding is not only healthy for the child, it is good for the mothers, as well! It is said that women who spend 2 or more years breast-feeding will be less likely to develop rheumatic arthritis.
             Breast-feeding also helps prevent Breast cancer. The longer women breast feed, and the more children they have, the less likely they are to catch it. A study shows that women can cut the risks of tumors by over 4% every year by nursing. .
             CONS of Breast feeding.
             Some mothers have to struggle to produce enough milk to keep the babies weights up. .
             Other mothers say its time consuming and that breast feeding mothers are "self righteous; a slave to their babies," .
             But don"t forget--the possibility of passing down HIV IS possible! .
             Breast feeding Q&A .
             Q: Can the baby catch HIV if the mother is infected? .
             A: Whether or not a mother can pass HIV through breast feeding is still uncertain, because although studies show high levels of the virus in the milk, the immune cells in the milk target and sometimes kill the AIDs causing virus. .
             Q: What if the child has an allergic reaction to the breast milk? .
             A: Well, anything is possible. In that case, if the baby breaks out in a rash or has another sort of outbreak, try some formulas.

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