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Self Report

            As a graduate student in the field of psychology I think it is very important to reflect on the course of my own development. Now that I am 24 years old I"m steadily climbing up the early adulthood ladder. When I give thought to all my different experiences while getting to this point I feel a sense of amazement, triumph, and optimism. I will examine my psychosocial development during a certain stages of my life with Erickson's and Feud's stage theories and some cognitive development using Piaget's theory. I will also look at the development of my moral reasoning using Kohlberg's stage theory. I was born the first child of my mother at 23 but not of my father at his age of 34. From what I can remember and what I know about my environment we were a average middle class Black family in a small city of Southeast Georgia, Savannah. My mother never moved away from home because she was an only child so, based on that I believe my first year of life in the Trust vs. Mistrust stage my basic biologically needs where met and I feel I formed a sound attachment with my grandmother more so than my mother or father. I think the fact that my grandmother lived with me added lots of structure to my environment that would not have been there. Based on the psychosexual stage's the first year is the Oral stage I think I may have been fixated at this stage due to a few factors, I was not breast feed and also I think as an over compensation for that I might have wanted the bottle more and was deprived, but I don't think it was severely impacting. During my early childhood I was placed in preschool at age 4 and begin to learn new social skills and expand cognitively. In addition to that my home environment consisted of learning toys and they exposed me to colors, numbers and the alphabet. So according to Piaget's theory my sensorimotor period was fine with good transition into the preoperational period.

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