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Native Self Determination and Self Government

             I chose to do my report on Self Determination and Self-government. I was interested in this topic because it can go so many ways. I will discuss such things as what self-determination and self-government are, the things it would be good for, the problems with self-government, who they have to represent the Native community in the Canadian government. I will also look at how it prevents unity and doesn't really allow mainstream Canadians to become educated about Native culture. I will report on all the views I have collected from the Internet and books and will give a conclusion with my opinions.
             People first started talking about having Self-government around 1969. It was in response to the wanting of assimilation by the Canadian Liberal government. Self-government isn't a new concept in the Native community. In 1763 it was recognized that when the Europeans came the Native people were already governing themselves.
             In earlier times Indian societies made collective decisions for themselves that were in their own best interests. Tribes needed to develop their own rules and procedures for dealing with other tribes. Decisions needed to be made about war and peace, trading rights and about the different territories. .
             Native people basically want Self-government for self-preservation. Since assimilation was so prevalent in the past they believe Self-government is the only way to survive and grow. Self Determination is when groups of people, aware of what is going on in their nation, form their own state and choose their own government.
             If I think about what the Native communities would look like if they had Self-government, I see it as them being allowed to honour their cultural traditions. When the White Europeans came and tried to assimilate them their cultural traditions went out the window. They would be able to practice them if they had self-government. Things such as dance, celebrations, and religious celebrations, and language, would be brought back and practiced more.

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