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I Have a Dream

            It is not uncommon for one to pursue their dreams. We all have dreams that we strive for each and everyday. When the first Immigrants came from across the waters they had the vision of the "American Dream" they were going to the land of opportunities. They were in pursuit to try and make themselves and their families a better life. The American Dream is something that everyone has his or her own opinion on what it is. For centuries people have had different ideas what the American dream was. It was the Native Americans" longing to retain the lands on which they had lived for so long. It was the Puritans" desire to find religious freedom and tolerance. It was the patriots" wish to found a new republic that guaranteed the right of its citizens. It was the reformers call for a better society. It was the pioneers" or immigrants" hunger for a better life. It was the slaves" yearning for freedom. The American Dream was all these hopes and more. I feel that the American Dream is that you are able to live and to work in a place that you are free and can feel safe in. You can freely do, think, and speak what you want without fear. America is the land of opportunity and the land of freedom. You have the right to obtain success through honest hard work and perseverance in a society that encourages anyone who offers their best. Our dreams are not always easy to attain for some it might not be attainable through hard work and determination.
             Martin Luther Kind Jr. was an American with his own American Dream, and because he didn't keep his dream to himself the world listened. He took a stand for what he believed in and took a stand to try and make his dream work. During his most popular speech he said, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream I have a dream that all men are created equal. Although King's dream was far from being foreign to the Constitution of the United States, it was the fact that one line was disregarded and never fully implemented.

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