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The Dream Lives On

             The Declaration of Independence states, " that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." .
             It is because America holds this strong belief of freedom and opportunity, that it has become a place for every race and ethnicity to live and cooperate in together. This belief has made American into not only the land of opportunities but also a land of possibilities. This land gives people a second chance to either renew or refresh their life. This country indirectly tells the poor and oppressed that hard work and dedication in the land of free leads directly to success and happiness. This belief gives so many people the confidence they need in order to rise from nothing, to overcome the odds.
             This is the American Dream, and this American Dream is existent to this very day.
             "The American Dream is a idea, or belief . A belief cannot ever be wiped completely out of existence - simply because it is in the minds of so many believers. This dream is the same way, it cannot and will not ever be totally gone." These were the words of wisdom from my father, who has experienced the American Dream first handedly. He himself is an immigrant, who came to the United States seeking higher education. Like so many immigrants in the past, he has gone through his share of hard work, washing and sweeping the floors of fast-food restaurants in order to pay for a living while working towards his PhD at Texas A&M University. "My American Dream has come true," says my father confidently, "I was given a opportunity in this country, I took it and worked hard for it. In return, I was given a successful career and a comfortable life. What more can one ask for?".
             Of course the American Dream is still existent is the attitude that many people have toward the question of the dream's existence. Eric Liu is one of those people who believes in the American Dream.

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