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National Rifle Association

            The goals of the National Rifle Association is to promote and encourage rifle .
             Members of the NRA focus on legislation that pays .
             particular attention to premier firearms education, and they are America's foremost defender of Second Amendment rights. Their concerns are very broad. In comparison the Native American Movement has been largely focused on tribal sovereignty issues, the rights of tribal governments to self-determination. In many cases their demands have been quite narrow dealing with land and expanded to broader issues such as self-determination, questionable behavior of federal government in its regard to Native policies, and the need to protect treaty rights and preserve traditional Native Spirituality and culture. The movement is built upon deeply rooted traditional spirituality, culture, language and history of Native people.
             II. Strategies.
             The National Rifle Association uses for the most part institutional strategies. Such strategies are accepted by society and operate within guidelines of law. Tactics used are voting, lobbying, contributions to campaigns, and often legislative facts and analyses to members, whereby they can take action on their own such as writing to congress. Native Americans use mostly non-institutional s strategies. These tactics consist of large demonstrations, violence, and fish-ins.
             III. Target.
             The NRA targets the federal government primarily because it's a major political force and defender of Second Amendment rights. They challenge society as a whole to enroll or at least educate themselves about shooting on a scientific basis. Native Americans target the federal government, state government and society values because of the various issues and critical developments within the Native American community such as police brutality, slum housing, unemployment rate, lack of concern regarding Indian education, Racist and discriminatory policies of the Hennepin County welfare system toward Native American clients, and questionable behavior of federal government in its regard to Native policies.

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