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Gun Control

             For some people, guns allow them to connect and become closer to their children as well as socialize with friends via numerous different sports, including hunting and target shooting. Some citizens use them for the personal protection of their household or business. However, there is the exception to the rule, the few Americans that decide to use guns in illegal acts that threaten innocent individuals. Even though there are many responsible law abiding gun owners, it is these careless criminals that give guns and gun owners who use firearms for protection or recreation, a bad name. These gun-owners are stereotyped as "hill-billies" or "red necks" for attempting to preserve the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. .
             Gun Control in Today's Society.
             In 1989, guns killed 11,832 Americans (Silver 78 2001). The National Rifle Association (NRA) members believe it is their right to own guns and state that guns are not the source of the crime problem. Gun control advocates, such as the members of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), argue that those who possess guns are responsible for the majority of violent crimes that occur. Their goal is to instill a variety of bans and regulations regarding guns, which would result in the targeting of the law abiding gun owner, not the guilty criminal. The Second Amendment of the Constitution secures the right for citizens to bear arms for personal protection and recreation however this right is threatened by anti-gun advocates and irresponsible individuals. The forefathers of our country created the laws of the country for citizens to own and use firearms, and any law or restriction of that right would indeed be unconstitutional (Silver 78 2001).
             Many anti-gun advocates claim to protect the youth of the country by restricting guns. They oftentimes claim that the child's safety in their home is in jeopardy when a gun is present. However, many pro-gun advocates argue that most youth gun homicides occur in the inner city and urban areas of irresponsible gun owners.

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