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American Indians and the Right to Revolt

            The history of the American Indian had the makings of a revolution from the moment white men set foot on their land. It was soon after first step that mistreatment of the American Indians began. .
             Life for the Indians was never easy, and it only became worse as the white man moved into their areas. The treaties between the Indians and the new white invaders were not worth the paper on which they were written. Rightfully so, the Indians became angry and tired of their treatment by white men and their persecution laid the foundational blocks leading up to the violent events of the Indian Revolution.
             After the Indian Reorganization Act which was an attempt to assimilate the Indians into the white man's world, the Indians faced total failure. The two worlds were so different and the white man so selfish that there was no possible way that the two cultures could work and exist together. The white men used their numbers and militia to their advantage, becoming even more brutal, wrongfully imprisoning the Indians and removing their freedoms. This sent the Indians in search of support and spirituality and this led the way to the creation of AIM - the American Indian Movement - an organized revolt. It's purpose was to form coalitions and became a force in which to deal with the American government that had consistently been so dishonest with them. .
             The American Indian Movement(AIM)became the vehicle for the Indians own revolution. Although the AIM's acknowledged history and name is less than a half century old, their need to join forces and make a better life had been going on for over 500 years. The movement was founded to turn the attention of Indian people toward the spiritual renewal and honor to give the strength of resolve needed to reverse the ruinous policies of the United States. The American Indian Movement has organized communities and created opportunities for people across the United States.

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