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Early Explorers and Savages

            1492 Columbus sailed to the West Indies leading a chain reaction of future navigators and explorers to come forth in exploration to the land of the west. No, Columbus did not discover a new country that no one knew about because native habitants were already settled in the Indies and Americas. These habitants had settled way before anyone from the old world knew they existed. The habitants were referred to as Indians by the Europeans. Indians were given that name because at first they were thought of habitants from India, Columbus originally thought he found a quick route to India on his voyage. Finding this land had led to inspiration of the old world people (Europeans) wanting change and something new, a new beginning, freedom. Soon Migration occurred and thorough time millions of immigrants would pour into the west changing it forever, bringing Slavery, religion, and disease. A whole system of networking and trade would develop in the new world by using past trade ideas. Two different stories from Las Casas, a Dominican priest ,and Josephe an Indian that spoke Spanish that witnessed the brutality that the Indians had to face will be discussed to paint a clear image for what happened in the past, and to help show the historical context of the arising history. .
             The Indian in the more North American region lived very scattered and secluded, there were many different languages and different customs. The religions of the Indians were all different, but along the same lines, they were very spiritual and believed that many living things had spirits. The Indians also distributed there land in a very different way than how it was in the old world. There was no owning or buying land, parts of some land could be used at a particular time or season but was not any one's personal land to keep forever. The Indians world also did not have a huge agricultural system with domesticated animals; they had yet to have the farming capacity like those in the old world.

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