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The Pueblo Revolt

            The American Revolution in 1776 was not a first war in America that fought for freedom, but before the American Revolution, there was another revolutionary war that fought for the same reasons. People seem to be forgetting and not realize that we did have a revolutionary war before the American Revolution in 1776. People think it was not important in the American history because this event was not important and not recognize according to historians. However, this war was very important to the Native American because it was a bloody war that the Native American rebelled against the Spanish's government in 1680. Especially, this war was a great and rapid major social change for the Pueblos Indian because they were the people who actually rebelled against the Spanish in 1680. The cause of this revolt is still being debated today. In an excerpt from Indian uprising on the Rio Grande- The Pueblo revolt of 1680, Franklin Folsom has helped us to know more about the Pueblos? history and culture, and he closely explain the causes and the reasons of the Pueblo-revolt in 1680 on the Rio Grande. .
             What were the reasons for this great rebellion, and why did it happen exactly in 1680? Reasons are quiet clear. It was a fight for freedom from tyranny, persecution, and unjust taxation. The Pueblo people were live in the position of under control by the Spanish. Especially, they lived under the system ofencomienda? which they have to contribute a portion of their agricultural to a common storehouse for use by their own poor and their native religious leaders, and they have to pay two taxes, one for voluntary, and for the other who didn't pay tax. In addition, under the institution ofrepartimiento? they required to work without pay in the Spanish fields. Under this institution, the Spanish punished Pueblo people who protested and have any kind of abuses by shearing their hair off.
             Furthermore, The purpose of the Spanish's missionary was to convert the Pueblo people to be Christianity.

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