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Relationships Between Native Americans and Europeans

            Throughout North America the tribes and cultures of Native Americans varied according to their geographical location. These cultures began to be disrupted with the immigration of European settlers. The three main cultures that emigrated from Europe to North America were the Spanish, English colonists, and the French. While all of these Europeans had their differences, they all believed to be superior to the Native Americans. The relationships and attitudes between the Europeans and Natives varied, however, the common goal was to create a New World.
             Spain began its settlement of North America with St. Augustine, Florida in 1565. They expanded north into present day Georgia and west through the Florida panhandle. This expansion was short lived due to the strong resistance from the Native American tribes in the area who allied with the French. Despite the frequent attacks from the Indians and the French, the Spanish chose not to abandon Florida. After lobbying from the Franciscans and consideration of its geographical location, Philip III saw how Florida was of value to them. In addition to Florida, the Spanish were involved in settling the American South West. There the Pueblo Indians tried to resist the invasion of Spanish soldiers and Franciscan friars until Juan de Oñate arrived in 1598. By the time Oñate had arrived the Pueblos had endured three Spanish invasions and they were no longer willing to resist. This was the beginning of the Spanish presence in the areas that are today known as New Mexico, California, Arizona and parts of Texas. .
             Throughout their time in Florida and the Southwest the Spanish had the mentality that they were superior to the Native Americans. The Spanish allied with the Franciscan Friars in order to convert and eventually enslave most Native Americans. While some were more willing and open to these conversions, such as some of the Pueblos, others like the Guales in Georgia attempted to resist.

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