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Native Americans During the American Revolution

            American Revolution of 1765-1783 was one of the most important events in the U. Its outcome was foundation of the United States of America. Relationship between the Native Americans and the colonists, which later founded the U.S., were different in different time periods. Initially, colonists and Native Americans were cooperating together, however, as colonies expanded into Native American land, conflicts arose that resulted into full-blown confrontations. During American Revolution, Native Americans sided with both the British, and colonists, but were seen as enemies. When revolution ended with the victory of the U.S. and the defeat of the British, Native Americans were seen as defeated enemy, and were treated accordingly. It is important to take a closer look at historical development relations between Native Americans and colonists as well as background and details of American Revolution in order to understand the relationship between the two groups. Mistreatment of Native Americans originated from the deep-rooted conflict over land and was the outcome of the choices, made by Native Americans in their relations with colonists. .
             The history of Native Americans, or American Indians, is unique, tragic and at the same time full of optimism. It is unique because Native Americans were the original inhabitants of the Americas and experienced all the stages of its settlement by Europeans since the first colony in the seventeenth century and ending with the completion of the development of the western borders by the end of the nineteenth century. It is tragic, because the conflict between Native Americans and colonists is similar to the experience of other nations in the world, which came into conflict with the expanding industrialized society. At the same time, Native Americans, although they were deprived of their ancestral lands during the nineteenth century, survived and were able to establish themselves in their political and economic rights, maintained their national identity and culture in spite of the invasion of modern civilization.

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