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American Revolution

            The Revolutionary War impacted the lives of the inhabitants of the new nation. Sometimes a group of people was effected and other times a class of people was the victim. The changes, sometimes small, were none-the-less significant in the lives of those in America. The Revolutionary War changed the lives of the inhabitants of the new nation in many different ways depending on whether they were upper class, lower class, slaves or Native Americans.
             After the war, the upper class was drastically effected by the changes in the nation. They simplify their standards of living and they begin to treat common people, the lower class, with respect. Before the war, the upper class looked down upon the lower class and would not allow themselves to mix with them. This doesn't seem as important anymore for they are a nation, united and free. During the war, England promises the upper class some land for fighting for their country. When they are denied this land, they begin to quarrel amongst themselves. They begin to feel that political leaders need to demonstrate virtue, accomplishments and dedication to the public good. No longer will they allow a leader without experience or morals to rule them. .
             The lower class of society was effected at the end of the war as well as the upper class. They become less likely to leave all the governing decisions to the upper class. The lower class is becoming more political and is beginning to feel the need to have a hand in the government, whereas before, the lower class was more concerned with getting by and paying their taxes to Britain. Without having to pay the taxes, they can now sell their crops and gain a profit. This leaves them more time to care about the people chosen to rule them. All of a sudden they have been swept into "the people" by rhetoric of the Revolution. They have gained citizenship through military service and distribution of land.

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