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american revolution

             America was under strict control of Great Britain. They were able to place taxes on colonies and create the rules and regulations citizens must abide to. Finally, the Americans began to fight back. In 1775 the American Revolution occurred and ended in 1789 when the constitution was ratified. Today, many people debate if this event in history was a rebellion or truly a revolution. I believe it could not have been a rebellion because a revolt clearly states it's a rise against authority. Initially, America did rebel from Britain, but in the end, people did more than that - they crossed the line and completely impacted America in many ways.
             America benefited from this revolution politically. The most important change was the ending of British control. A new nation that was greatly dreamed of was finally established. States began to make new republican governments and model constitutions. In July 1776, congress met and adopted the Declaration of Independence from Britain. A confederation was created to unite the citizens of the thirteen colonies into one country. A central government was constructed and was on a rough start. Although it was weak, as time increased, so did its strength. In 1787, the Articles of Confederation was disowned and a new constitution was written in which included a Bill of Rights. Until this day, this is still the basic set of laws. .

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