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The Revolution

            The Revolution changed the social rank of race and gender in America. African Americans, Native Americans, and women during the American Revolution experience a small amount of equality. There was an erosion of class differentiation because of the new ideals that the Revolution supported. Egalitarianism in America during The Revolution gradually allowed for the abolition of slavery and the equality of women in society. .
             The Revolutionary War provided black people in America with opportunities. In 1776, the United States was composed of 500,000 African Americans; 25,000 0f which were slaves. Approximately 5,000 African Americans served in the Continental Army due to manpower demands. Although some slaves were freed, white Americans were reluctant to hire them. The Revolution did not end slavery or inequality but it allowed for some civil rights in America.
             White women also felt the effect of the new ideals that the American Revolution offered. Women expanded their involvement in the war and gained new responsibilities which permitted them to gain equality. In the1780s, white American women gained more advanced education. Massachusetts in 1780 forbade the exclusion of girls from elementary schools. The Revolution gave white women a voice but complete equality was not present.
             The Revolution held no promise for the Native Americans. Territorial expansion was one problem Native Americans faced during this time. Indians began to incorporate European tradition in their lives and relied somewhat on the American economy. Native Americans attempted to retain their identity in spite of the Revolution's promise of a changed nation. .
             The social effects of the American Revolution proved to be somewhat advantageous to African and female Americans. Native Americans did not experience any benefit as the blacks and women did during this time. Issues of equality throughout American society were assessed during the Revolution.

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