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Neolithic Revolution and Commercial Revolution

            Changes in the techniques of people living in early societies during both the Middle Ages, and the Neolithic Period caused economic resolutions. The people from the Neolithic Period transitioned from Paleolithic Nomads in to settled farmers. The increasing demand for trade began the Commercial Revolution. It also raised thriving businesses. Overtime, both of these revolutions have changed the way those people lived.
             Before the Neolithic Period, a massive climatic change occurred. This caused a scarce amount of game for these nomads to track and follow. They entirely depended on their environment for survival. But when they discovered how to farm, everything changed in the lives they knew. The paleolithic nomads evolved into neolithic farmers with the help of newly formed metal tools. Domesticating plants, and some animals made it possible to settle down and start a life in the river valley of Tigris and Euphrates. Houses were soon built to make the first towns. It was simpler to maintain a larger amount of possessions due to the fact they weren't moving constantly. Because women had domesticated roles in the home, the father soon served as the leader, and protected the family. This is called Patriocracy. Families grew larger due to the surplus amount of foods being harvested, and being able to not worry about maintaining a child while constantly traveling.
             The Commercial Revolution expanded the European economics from the 16th century to the mid 18th century. What started this was the Agricultural Revolution, where changes in farming techniques yielded increases in food production. People created new tools for farming, such as iron plows, and harnesses for horses to be able to pull the plows rather than oxen. This led to an increase in food production. The population shot up dramatically, and cities were created. Churches seized this time to take power of most of the society. The demand for trade, and businesses added onto the growth of the towns.

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