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The American-Asian Century

             Globalisation refers to the process of bonding the world on aspects of, cultural, economic environmental, political and technological interactions leading to worldwide interdependence. It involves integration of the people, institutions and companies and also governments of different states. Information technology plays quite a significant role in every part of globalisation ranging from the interaction of people and rapid dispersion of the means of goods and service production.
             Elements of Globalisation.
             Globalisation is mainly explored in the context of various essential items such as the environmental standards, political systems, economic triumph as well as cultural and technological aspects. Cultural aspect involves how a culture of a particular nation or institution is dispersed through technological advancement. Globalisation has enhanced the spread of customs, language and products within countries. It has allowed people to become acquainted with the traditions of other countries allowing for their appreciation and great understanding. However, despite it role in cultural integration, it also leads to blending of cultures and the corrosion of unique cultural differences. Economic face in its major part involves financial and industrial dimensions. Globalisation increases substantially and creates new opportunities for the technologically advanced and developing nations. It has lead to a massive pull and fascination of foreign investors and foreign capital. This has however resulted in both positive and adverse effects for those countries. Among of this effects include Increased Standard of Living, Access to New Markets, Widening Disparity in Incomes and Decreased Employment. (Mandelbaum, 2003).
             On environmental aspect, globalisation poses more harm to the human race than good. The consumption of various products has significantly impacted the ecological cycle. Despite the intensification of the production of goods, the results have to a higher degree built harm to the environs.

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