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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

            Technology today can be described as computers, cell phones, televisions and mostly anything electronic. The simplest tools were first used and soon became important for communication, transportation and even weapons. Technology is a part of our everyday lives and is even our whole life for some. Today's generation focuses upon the advantages of technology rather than disadvantages it can cause. This can cause society as a whole to be fascinated upon materialistic things rather than the relationships around us.
             Aymar Jean Christian, a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, demonstrates in his article from Flow TV, what we must do to change that. He first argues that YouTube only benefits a small group of users and focuses upon views only. YouTube has become a place for both amateurs and big corporations to broadcast new and exciting things. These corporations have also put a damper on the use of YouTube as well. Christian argues the idea that, "The problem of YouTube has always been about control over the growing market of web video" (Christian 217). YouTube is not the only place where corporations seek control. We see these corporations seeking control every day through their use of advertisements in magazines, televisions, and now our phones. As a society, we are used to this sort of control and accept it when we constantly buy the newer and "better" thing, thus creating the disadvantage of control. Christian often references new media as well, such as film and web video, which are constantly evolving. He argues the idea that, "New media, from radio to television, often create new opportunities for a diverse group of players: amateurs, professionally oriented independents, and corporations" (Christian, 219). Through creating new opportunities, media has helped technology be reached to a more diverse group of people.

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