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Modern technology makes better life

            Technology today has made life easier and better. As we look at the technologies, what is modern technology? Modern technology is machinery that makes life easier. For example, microwave ovens cook food easily without using any stoves and making a big mess. And dishwashers put all dirty dishes into the dishwasher and it washes them automatically. Modern technology makes things very easy to use and save time comparing it in the old fashion way. Often a country's level of modernization is measured by the ease with which people can communicate with each other. But modern technology also has created problems. Technology also creates financial problems in families because most technologies are very expensive to buy like the computers, televisions, refrigerators, DVD system, and home theatre systems. People who cannot afford to buy this kind of technology live a stressful life. But there are more advantages in technologies than disadvantages. How is technology an advantage? Today technology is very important in society because it makes life easier to live on and less time consuming. For example, if people want to wash their clothes, the only thing he need is machine that can wash the clothes and dries them. Another example is, some decade ago, there were no gas stoves or electric stoves, by getting firewoods and lightning them up for cooking. But now the inventor invented a microwave or gas or electric stove to cook the food easier and less time consuming. There are so many reasons why technology has changed people's lives. Now most of the people live in a comfortable environment where technology could do everything for them. Another thing is that technology has created diversity in employment. Today without a degree or certificate young people cannot have or get better job. This is a problem for those who don't go to school, uneducated, and unqualified. The only job they"ll be able to get is in a fast food restaurant or in a warehouse or a very low paying job.

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