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Quebec and Bills 101 and 14

             All of which are languages present in Quebec. None of which are superior to one another, or at least shouldn't be. Is any language better or superior? If I tell you that a man got fined $1900 for having the name of his coffee shop spelled in Italian rather than in French. The man spelled it caffe; C-A-F-F-E. The way the OQLF, the Office de la language Francais, wanted it spelt was C-A-F-E. This man got fined ONE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS for and extra "F". This is due to the Bill 101 section 58.
             ​Good morning Mr. Dufault and class, today I would like to talk to you about the language dispute over English and French in Quebec and the language affects of Bill 14, the revised version of Bill 101.
             ​Bill 101 was created to recognise French as the official language of Quebec. This Bill applies greatly to the educational system, the use of French in the workplace and the use of the English language in Quebec. This Bill should be changed. But in the coming future, Parti Quebecoise is trying to impose Bill 14. This Bill is created to enhance Bill 101 due to the fact that Parti Quebecoise was not satisfied with French merely being protected from erosion. Our government wants to establish the dominance of French in a way that will reduce the presence of English in every way in our public and private life. To enforce this onto someone else and denying them the ability to impart information and idea in their chosen language is depriving someone of their right to freedom of expression. In my opinion, language can't be seen as more than just way of communication. It's just a tool, like a hammer or a ruler.
             One of the clauses of the Bill 101 states that an immigrant of Quebec must attend a French school unless the majority of their primary education was done in an English school in Canada, or one of their parents has attended an English school in Canada, or they are a military family (a family that moves a lot).

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