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Quebec Separatism - Key to Isolation from Canada

            Quebec has many benefits, such as living in a multicultural society, healthcare and pension plans, and many recreation, community and touristic services. However, Quebec, Canada's only official French speaking province, has brought many controversies in its own government, but also in Canada's government. The biggest issues in Quebec are the continuous rivalries of the English and French languages, but also, the rivalries between the political parties. These rivalries brought the issue of Quebec separatism into place: an issue that is still present in our society. In the following paragraphs, the characteristics of separatism will be given, as well as an analysis and description of Quebec separatism and the reasons for which it is still an issue in society nowadays. .
             First off, the definition and the characteristics of the term "separatism" will be given in order to have a better understanding of Quebec separatism. Separatism refers to the justification of separation or disaffiliation by a group, people of a selective subunit or section from a larger political assembly to which it belongs (Stein, M. B., 2012). By this, it is distinguished that Quebec is the subunit or the section of a larger political assembly, which is also known as Canada. Reasons for which a country, a province or a region feel the need to be separatists, can be due to language, culture, history, geography, force or power (Williams, C.H., 1980). Segregation, dissociation, disunion, division, isolation, partition, seclusion, sovereignty (Stein, M. B., 2012), sovereignty-association (Stein, M. B., 2012) and independence (Stein, M. B., 2012) are other terminologies to describe the term "separatism". In contemporary times, separatism has been identified with a hopefulness for freedom from recalled colonial oppression (Stein, M. B., 2012), which once again distinguishes Quebec's desire to part from Canada.

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