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Religion Diversity in Canada

            Christianity is the largest religion in Canada; outnumbering the second biggest religion Judaism and Islam by thirty-five to one. As Canada accepts different cultures and religions Canadians have become tolerant of different religions. Canada has always been a Christian country, but lately Canada has started to become a more religion diverse country.1.
             In September of 2013 the Quebecois proposed the Charter of Quebec Values, this would mean anyone working in Quebec would not be able to wear overly religious symbols. "If the state is neutral, those working for the state should be equally neutral in their image," said Drainville. For employees to be seen as neutral they would not be able to wear religious symbols especially Kippas, Turbans, Burkas, Hijabs and "large" crosses. If passed there would be some organizations that would be able to refuse to participate for a 5 year term. While some organizations would be able to refuse it would be mandatory for many organizations including: judges, police, prosecutors, public daycare workers, teachers, school employees, hospital workers and municipal personnel. "People have to be identifiable, mainly for security purposes," said Drainville, before stating that anyone who received or administers services from the state would have to uncover their face. Although there is no support from other political parties there has been growing support from citizens in Quebec. With 66% of citizens saying they are in favor of the Charter of Quebec Values. If the Charter of Quebec Values is passed Quebec would see great change in how they are viewed as a province. Canada is seen as a diverse country, but with the Charter of Quebec Values in place Canada would no longer be seen as religiously diverse. Even though the Charter would only be in Quebec it would affect all of Canada. Canada could see a decline in immigrants, and no longer be seen as a religiously diverse county as the Charter would mostly be affecting people that are not of the Christian religion.

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