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            Reason Over Passion: One of the Most Influential Canadians of All Time Canada contains a diverse group of people, coming from various backgrounds, cultures and rigins. Canadians depict people of peace, freedom, and unity. Its government continues to maintain a sovereign and independent nation. Pierre Trudeau, Canada's 15th Prime Minister, is one of the most influential Canadians of the twentieth century. Monsieur Trudeau defends our culture and advances our nation like no other. He founds the solutions to the many problems Canada encounters today. Through his leadership and dedication to the Canadian federal system, Pierre Trudeau works towards a more united and independent Canada, while promoting multiculturalism, bilingualism, and liberalism.
             Initially attracting wide praise for his outspoken manner and youthful lifestyle, Pierre Trudeau quickly captures the hearts of every Canadian. "Trudeaumania" it is called, and while projecting an image of youthful charm and vitality, his popularity with Canadians mounts higher than ever. He is a federalist, one who asserts the authority of the federal government over the provincial governments while defending the unity of Canada against regional interests (CITE). He is exceptionally one of the greatest men that has ever lived - changing Canada, and Canadians for a brighter future. Generally, he wants all Canadians to live a more liberal life, manifested with multiculturalism and delivering bilingualism everywhere in Canada. What Trudeau was in for, he never knew - it was the greatest fight of his life. For him, his combative personality sets the tone, while his reliable and dependent judgement eases all Canadians from the increasingly falling Canada. He comes into politics with very firm ideas and what he"d like to do. He wants to see Canada and Quebec constructed more in his own image. Trudeau's status as a political giant in Canadian history is indisputable (CITE).

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