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Bank of America/US Bank Financial Analysis

            The financial analysis of the bank is a descriptive analysis of the financial performance of the bank that helps to evaluate the performance of the given entity. The banks financial statements are a different type of problem when compared to the other manufacturing companies. It requires therefore a careful approach when analyzing the performance of the bank due to its own unique risks involved. The banks profit making is considered from the total earnings from the borrowers return to the principal amount paid which is paid with interest. .
             Banks encounter challenging risks and if not managed appropriately there is a huge danger of collapsing.[ CITATION Raj13 l 1033 ] They therefore require regulators that will ensure minimum levels of capital and hence help protect the banks and the banking system. According to the banking system in the US the banks there are regulated by the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of the Currency Controller or the Thrift Supervision Office. Due to these regulations investors have developed a level of trust and confidence as well as assurance to the banking system. This paper is going to analyze and compare the financial report of two banks; the US Bank and the Bank of America. One of the most important tools to evaluate the financial performance of any entity is preparing a comprehensive balance sheet taking care of all the assets and liabilities of the company. In order to analyze the financial performance of the banks an income statement and a balance sheet for the two banks over the same financial year was prepared and attached to this document to help in important calculations. The balance sheet and the income statement are available at the appendix of this paper. .
             The main types of risks that the banks encompass are the interest rate risk and the credit risk rate.[ CITATION Vin14 l 1033 ] The interest rate risk is the risk involved with the paid interest on deposits as well as the loans received overtime.

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