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             The globalization is today one of the most delicate topics. He/she appears in all the public debates, be brief comments in television and watchwords in posters, places in the net and versed newspapers, you debate parliamentarian, directory of companies or workers' assemblies. Their lit opponents impute him the impoverishment of the poor of the world, the enrichment of the rich ones and the devastation of the environment, while their partisans more fervorosos consider it a high-speed elevator that takes to the peace and the universal prosperity. Where is the truth? .
             Surprisingly, being a term of use so extended, it doesn't exist, apparently, a precise and broadly accepted definition. In fact, the variety of meanings that is attributed seemed to go in increase instead of decreasing with the step of the time, and he/she acquires cultural, political connotations and of another nature, besides the economic one. However, the most common or basic concept in economic globalization -aspecto in which concentrates this review-it is surely the fact that in the last years it has increased the part of the economic relationships vertiginously among people of different countries. This increment of the transborder economic activities assumes different forms: .
             I trade international: It is consecrated to the imports of other countries a growing proportion of the expense in goods and services, and a growing proportion of the production of the countries is sold the foreigner in export quality. Among the rich or developed countries, the proportion of the international trade in the total product (exports more imports in connection with the GDP) it increased of 27% in 1987, to 39% in 1997. In the countries in development ascended from 10% to 17%. (The origin of many of these data is the work of the titled World Bank World Development Indicators 2000 (Indicators of the world development). .
             Direct foreign investment (IED).

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