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Breast Cancer - Pink is My Favorite Color

             When we are young, we do not think of the unpleasant obstacles that could cross our path in life. We go through our young adult years living stress and care-free, not realizing that one day, we could be on top of the world and the next, we could barely be hanging on. My family and I all had that "barely hanging on" feeling when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago because of a small bump that she found on her left breast. Cancer is a tough obstacle in life that can be overcame with the help of prayer, God, and the love and support of family and friends.
             It was a warm, sunny, summer day. I was a young, foolish fourteen year old without a care in the world. Nowhere did it ever cross my mind that in a couple of hours, I would be receiving some of the worst news I have ever gotten in my life. Walking into my house on that very day felt different. I did not receive the normal "Hi, how are you doing?" that I am usually greeted with. The atmosphere of the room was filled with awkwardness and tension. Instantly, I knew something was not right. Something about the blank expression on my step-father's face left me wondering if I had done something wrong. I was torn between asking what was wrong and letting things play out. I soon saw my mother walking into the kitchen with the same blank expression on her face that my step-father had. She proceeded to tell my siblings and me that she had some important news. We all sat down in the living room, nervously waiting for her to tell us what she needed to say. "I have some bad news." she said sadly.
             "What is it? Did someone die? What is wrong?" my brothers, sisters, and I all chimed in at once.
             "I have been diagnosed with breast cancer again." she said quietly. We all hung our heads in devastation. This could not be happening again. My mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer twelve years ago when I was five years old.

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