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Say "YES!" to the Death Penalty

            I was never really against God's will. Actually, at first, I really don't approve of the death penalty which was why it was very unfortunate that we are on the affirmative side. Then suddenly, all of my opinions and insights changed.
             After talking to my group mates about the topic, I went home and researched about the positive effects of having death penalty in one country. I learned that the crime rates decreases and you'd be more comfortable living in that country considering the fact that there's a capital punishment to scare murderers, rapists, kidnappers and bad people away. Although, some people who kills do not preferably do it. They just do it against their will either they are psychopaths or they were just drunk. But, if they did it on purpose, then and only then the murder would not be acceptable. Because that is considered as a real crime and he/she should pay the price if ever they killed somebody. .
             I've Googled mostly on criminal profiles and let me tell you that it was not a pretty sight. Mostly, the murderers were some psychotic people. These psychopaths are humans with a serious mental illness causing violent behavior. For example Jeffrey Dahmer, who came from a normal family but when reached the puberty stage, he fantasizes about having sex with dead men. As this thought clouded his mind, he became more and more alienated with his family and friends. He moves away, finds a low-level job and starts to lure men in his apartment to kill them and as if this was not enough, he would have sex with their corpses and cannibalizes them. Still, there are people who do it on purpose even though they have reasons for killing that person, it is still not forgivable because they took a life on an innocent human being. There are many more criminal cases concerned about raping and killing. .
             I do believe in second chances, but when there is killing involved, I do not give any chance at all.

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