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Pluralists and the Omaha Platform

            During the late 1800s there was great economic growth in the United States. There was a great deal of wealth that was created during this time and the U.S. was becoming an industrial power. Although there was a great deal of wealth created during this time, most of this wealth was held by a limited few. With the majority of the wealth in the hands of a select few, these individuals had great power over legislation and could influence policies in their favor. Such policies would benefit their own wellbeing with little regards to the common laborer. This unfair advantage and corruption in government gave birth to the Pluralist Movement. The Pluralist Movement began by hard working citizens who were tired of their current situation and were ready for change. The Pluralist Movement was one that stood for labor rights, financial reform with government intervention, public transportation, and the redistribution of land back to settlers. These issues were mentioned in The Omaha Platform or The National People's Party Platform on July 4, 1892.
             Although not mentioned as much as other issues in The Omaha Platform, labor rights and the right to union was something the Pluralists supported. The Pluralists supported the right to strike and the right for a fair wage. There was a large number of the labor force that had unsafe and dangerous working conditions. Many failed strike attempts occurred in the past with little success. The willingness of the Pluralist to support labor gain them support among industrial workers. In 1894 Pluralist senators called on the Coxey's Army of federal unemployment to send the militia to protect miners on strike. By supporting labor union the party gained popularity and shifted the support away from the Democratic Party.
             An issue that was stated in the Omaha Platform was the support for public transportation. Pluralists believed that transportation is a necessity and should be owned and operated by the federal government.

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