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Elitists vs Pluralists

            There are two types of theories regaurding the American Political system.
             which postulates that there is no real democracy in the US but rather the government is completely controlled by a small group of.
             wealthy individuals. The excersing of this power by the elite is mainly directed towards private interests and not the overall public.
             interest(s). In this system the view of the public is incosequetial and those who believe otherwise are percieved to be naieve to the.
             governmental system. Within this perspective there are two distinctive veiws, most believe that the public not having a voice violates.
             the "essance of government by concent," but some theorists state that the ruling of the elite is best because the public is "unfit" to.
             govern themselves.
             According to the pluralists in some areas of the US thereinlies a disproportionate use of power, mainly due to the.
             concentration of the focus of particular groups on particular issues. Groups that put forth a greater effort towards a particular cause.
             have a stronger influence than those who do not have a similar degree concern, however, pluralists unlike elitists hold that not .
             anyone group can excersise complete control over the entire public. There is no one group of people that the public can hold .
             accountable for the policies and circumstances of the US.
             The view of the pluralists more accuratly represents the current situation in the US. People in the US have a sayso in.
             in major events that our country participates in, for example, the Vietnam War was stopped on the US's part because of the public, .
             also in voting for a president or other elected officials the public has some if not more of a say. So how could someone think or say .
             that the US is not a Democracy, also never before has public interest been realized to the extent that it has today in our .
             democracy as opposesed to any other type of government.
             With regaurd to interests groups, which do not seek direct control over the government or elect public officials but rather.

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