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Connection Lab - Staphylococci Bacteria

            Scientifically, germs are defined as microorganisms like parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses, which can make us sick. But research has found that, in fact, we need a fair amount of the good ones to be healthy. Many bacteria are considered to be "good germs;" yes, some can cause illness, but others can be helpful in fighting off harmful invaders, particularly in our intestinal tract. The good bacteria that will be examined is the Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria. Furthermore, the bad bacteria that will be examined is Staphylococci bacteria. The Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria, also called "Döderlein's bacillus, isolated by Ernst Moro, is a genus of Gram-positive facultative anaerobic or microaerophilic rod-shaped bacteria. They are a major part of the lactic acid bacteria group, named as such because most of its members convert lactose and other sugars to lactic acid" (Wiki 2015). The bacteria is usually benign, except in the mouth where they have been associated with cavities and tooth decay (dental caries). Many species are prominent in decaying plant material. This is a "friendly" bacteria that normally lives in the digestive, urinary, and genital systems without causing disease. Lactobacillus is also in some fermented foods like yogurt and in dietary supplements.
             The organisms are widely distributed in animal feeds, silage, manure, and milk and milk products. Various species of Lactobacillus are used commercially during the production of sour milks, cheeses, and yogurt, and they have an important role in the "manufacture of fermented vegetables (pickles and sauerkraut), beverages (wine and juices), sourdough breads, and some sausages" (BioKids 2015). .
             This "helpful" bacteria is also a popular probiotic. "Probiotics provide living bacteria that help the body absorb nutrients and keep a healthy balance of good bacteria" (BioKids 2015).

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