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            You are going to learn about bacteria by reading this essay. Bacteria are a very interesting subject. The definition of bacteria is any of the unicellular prokaryotic microorganisms of the class Schizomycetes.
             These are some characteristics of bacteria. Bacteria don't have a recognizable nucleus. Some bacteria have chlorophyll and are producers. Bacteria break down waste for energy. Those are some characteristics of bacteria.
             These are the shapes of bacteria. One of the shapes is spheres which are called cocci. Another one of the shapes is rods which are called bacilli. One of the shapes is spirals which are called spirilla. Those are the shapes of bacteria.
             This is how bacteria move. Bacteria moves by floating. They float in the air, water, skin, shoes, dogs, cats, etc. Some have flagellums which are a tail-like whip to move bacteria through moisture. That is how bacteria move.
             This is all about cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are producers. They have blue pigment. Many join to make chains or filaments. That was all about cyanobacteria.
             This is all about bacteria reproduction. They reproduce by fission which is how bacteria multiply by producing 2 cells with identical genetic material. They also reproduce by aerobes which are organisms that use oxygen for respiration. They reproduce by anaerobes which are organisms that can live without oxygen. That is how bacteria reproduce.
             These are some uses of bacteria. One use of bacteria is by digesting dead organisms and recycles nutrients. Bacteria are used to make cheese and yogurt, medicine, enzymes, cleansers, adhesive, etc. Another use of bacteria is by nitrogen-fixing bacteria which are changing nitrogen into forms useful for plants and animals. Those are some uses of bacteria. .
             These are some harmful bacteria. Pathogens are harmful; they are organisms that produce diseases (strep throat, anthrax, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough). Bacteria produce toxins which are poison (Botulism).

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