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Vices Cannot Exist Without Virtue

             As Abraham Lincoln suggests there exists a dependence between virtue and vices in that one cannot exist without the other. Vices, immoral or wicked behavior or traits, are an inevitable part of human nature. However, I chose to believe that vices are in fact a tool to feed creativity and a way to truly grasp our own capabilities. At the core of our vices I believe there is a want to achieve something good for mankind, in agreement with what Samuel Butler's statement alludes to. Mark Twain and Winston Churchill are prime examples of men who indulged in what some would view as immoral acts, particularly alcoholism, gluttony and greed, yet such men rose to greatness and achieved world - wide recognition for their acts and works. I will convince you of the belief that vices are truly a strength in disguise - as they say, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. I do appreciate, however, that relying purely on vices to achieve greatness is a path that may lead to your demise. Moderation and the right intentions are the key to beneficial indulgence in our vices.
             Man kinds vices are grouped into seven categories, what we now call the seven deadly sins. I believe that with recognition of our own vices, understanding where they come from and what deadly sin is at its core, that we can understand our own limitations and even our own potential. Our vices┬ácan act as a tool to feed our creativity. Winston Churchill, known to enjoy the martini, notes that he got more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of him. It was alcohol that Churchill used to ignite social discourse and fuel his creativity. Much like Churchill, Mark Twain attempted to abstain periodically from his alcoholism to appease his critics. Yet, Twain was known to rely on his alcoholism to find inspiration for his writings. It is without indulgence in their vices that these men may not have accomplished what they did.

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