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Research Paper - Genetic Engineering

            Imagine a world without cancer, Alzheimer or any other genetic disease. Imagine a world in which there would be no worry about what illnesses plants are carrying or transmitting. Imagine a world where there is no hunger. Imagine a world in which the biggest concern is getting an arm broken or getting a cold. That's the world that genetic engineering can bring into existence. Genetic engineering is the process by which the DNA of an organism is changed. This change is done by adding or removing one or more traits of the DNA of a cell. Genetic engineering is usually associated with genetically modified or GM foods. However, it is so much more and its applications increase every day. Genetic engineering can be applied in many different fields; however, the applications it has in agriculture and medicine are by far the ones that are going to change the world as we know it today. .
             Genetic engineering can also be known for the amount of controversy it brings with it. Since nature is the most complex thing in this world, and DNA is part of the nature, altering DNA can also be considered altering nature as a whole. Many scientists believe that DNA should not be altered or major consequences in the world may occur because the equilibrium created by nature could change for the worse [CITATION Eli11 p 544-550 l 1033 ]. However, this is not just about changing the nature. This is about finding the cure that the scientific community has been trying to find for so long. This is about trying to find ways to end world hunger. This is why the minor possible consequences of genetic engineering should be ignored, and the scientific community should invest in its research more. One of the most important problems that exists right now is how many people are suffering from hunger in the world. Hunger is not only a problem in Africa and South America, as most people think, but also in Asia, Europe and North America.

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