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Abortion Law Limitations

            Gerth argues that there should be changes and limitation to abortion laws. You have bizarre stories of pregnant females harming their selves trying to trigger a miscarriage, because of the laws and requirements to get an abortion. In other countries less economically developed, contraception are made more available and charities explain how to use those contraception. In there were over 200,000 abortions last year, which is very confusing for Gerth. In the UK you can get on a birth control pill, without parental consent, at the age of 16. Along with the birth control pill, you can also get with a morning-after pill, with the same criteria. In England you can abort to up 24 weeks, at present, if you have the permission from two doctors. Gerth also believe that these laws are faulty. She believes that the abortion limit should be down to 12 weeks, like many European countries. She also thinks it should not be requires to have two doctors sign but rather one. Stating it could take weeks for a second doctor to sign. Rather than having just one doctor sign and speed up the process.
             According to Alice Gerth abortion should not be banned because of the desperate measures women will go to have a miscarriage, which brings harm to their bodies. Also contraception be made more available. If we showcase how to use the contraception then everything should be perfect. But, will showcasing contraception change anything? Will it change the abortion rates? You still have females unwittingly getting pregnant with prevention methods all around them. Like stated, in the UK at the age of 16 you have the option of getting a pill without parental consent, and the morning after pill. But guess what else you have, 200,000 abortions. This objective source was useful because it gives out the fact that there are preventive of pregnancy, but still have an outrageous number of abortions. .
             This article fits into my research because of the disagreement on abortion laws.

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