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Aesthetic Values - Dave Matthews Band

            Listening to these two songs and answering the given question were somehow very similar to the process that I have been through during this half a semester; All of those led myself to the questions about the ' disinterestedness' in the appreciation of the arts at the end. I tried to organize my critique of Dave Matthews Band by asking 1) if it is really more valuable to contain 'meaningful' (ethical) lyrics, 2) can the lyrics contribute to the aesthetic value of a certain type of music at all 3) if so, what is the conditions to be 'valuable art' with meaningful lyrics, and at last, 4) what does the appreciation of art in a disinterested way mean in listening to music, which cannot be seen in a real 'form'. So, while thinking about the questions given from the aesthetic Puzzles, I happened to extend the original questions about the lyrics and artistic value to a broader sense and concerning not just Dave Matthews Band's song but the music as an art in general. This could be seen 'off-topic' in some sense, but I want to say that it was necessary because I concluded that two songs from Dave Matthew's band were aesthetic, but in a 'mediocre' level regardless of the lyrics that a specific song contains so that there was not much to say about the 'aesthetic value' just with those songs. .
             At first, I just listened to those songs without seeking for any information or thinking about my 'responsibility' to answer the questions. After I had finished listening to them, I spent almost a week to just think about the questions. The very first time when I listened to 'Don't drink the water', the characteristic voice of the Dave Matthew's, which is cracking but resonating strong enough with his voice tone, was what attracted my hearing sense the most. And it was true that the members of the band were all but the most top talented players.

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