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Articles of the Confederation and The Constitution

            In the mid-1778s, a depression struck the new nation of America. The depression asked questions that related to the nature of the democracy of America. To the conservatives, the answer to the question on the nature of the democracy lay in a stronger states government. On the other hand, the radicals believed that the answer would be found if the nations relieved the financial burden to the citizens. This argument led to the development of a new constitution and thereafter-political difference impacted to the creation of political parties. Since independence, America has worked with two constitutions. They include articles of Confederation and The Constitution. The article of confederation is the first constitution. It was ratified on 1 March 1781 by Maryland. The second is The Constitution that was ratified on 21 June 1788 by New Hampshire to replace the Articles of Confederation. The two documents do not only have much in common, but also have dissimilarities that define the views of experts in 1781 and those of 1788 (Wendel, 2007).
             The articles of confederation were the base of The Constitution. A lot was borrowed into The Constitution although a completely different document of the constitution was drafted. In this light, there is a similarity between the articles of confederation and The Constitution. Same people developed the constitution. The people were given the task of drafting the articles of confederation are the same people who drafted The Constitution in 1787. In both, the documents were the laws of the government of the United States and referred to the nation as the United States. They both give full faith and credit to the legal acts of the nation. They could make sure that all citizens were treated with equality. The congress in both documents, under both governments had the legislative or the lawmaking power. The federal governments had the power to negotiate treaties with other nations and could send and receive ambassadors.

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