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Articles of Confederation

             The articles of confederation were introduced in 1777 and this gave the.
             Confederation provided the United states with an ineffective movement,.
             however there were some strong steps taken in the articles to try and.
             make the United States a better country. The people of each state were.
             given equal privileges and rights, freedom of movement was guaranteed,.
             and procedures for the trails of accused criminals were outlined. The.
             Articles of Confederation arranged a national government that would.
             consist of a single house of congress, where each state would have one.
             vote. One of the weaknesses was that the Congress could legislate only.
             for states, not for individuals; because of this it could not enforce.
             legislation. The problem of the Articles of Confederation was that.
             limited the power to central government. This meant that the congress.
             had no power to tax. Instead, it was to assess its expenses and divide.
             those amounts the states on the basis of the value of land. States were.
             then to tax their own citizens to raise the month for these expenses and.
             turn the proceeds over to Congress. The states where not forced to do.
             so, and in practice they rarely met their obligations.
             The articles did have some positive effects on society. It put the end.
             to Revolutionary War, it negotiated a favorable end to the war in Treaty.
             of Paris, and created a model for the admission of new territories.
             courtesy of Northwest Ordinance. Nonetheless, it was much to weak to.
             give the new nation the necessary foundation on which the growth of.
             society could be started from.
             Each state had its own constitution, monetary system and means to.
             enforce the law. If this was still the case now, things would be total.
             chaos. How would we be buying and selling product to different states if.
             our monetary system was different? Would we be on a barter system of.
             trade? This would reduce the amount of trade and importation of goods.
             We wouldn't have the things we have now.

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