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Islam and Negative Stereotypes

            Prejudice of the Islamic faith is continuously growing as many Americans refrain from widening their education and understanding of the difference between the terrorists and perfectly humane members of the Muslim culture. Beginning with the terrorist attacks of 9/11, many Americans are quick to accuse all Muslims of terrorism, instead of picking out the people that acted on the reality of the matter. Many Muslims struggle to live in our country without constantly being judged by their visual appearance which is similar to the select men and women belonging to the Islam faith who are categorically labeled as terrorists. Unfair treatment of all Muslims is resulting in many of these men and women turning away from the Islamic faith because they are ashamed of the actions performed by those with similar visual representations, which have gradually been created as a standard for a present day terrorist. .
             Muslims have been a part of the American society since they were first brought over from the slave trade. Due to recent terrorist attacks, the religion of Islam has lately been targeted as the suspect for these crimes against humanity and how the media portrays the faith is not helping the issue. Instead of blaming who the actual attackers, we blame those who participate in the same religion as the "terrorists." By labeling the Muslim people as terrorists, we too are considered terrorists in a sense that we are terrorizing their religion and degrading their humanity as human beings. There is a call for change in the community to inform those who make assumptions which jeopardize the lives of American Muslims. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab al- 'Aqeel stated that "Islam is free from this riotous killing, free from this terrorism and free from this kind of corruption" so who are we to blame the people of the Islamic faith as the terrorists (Morgan, U.S. Muslims face rising discrimination: official).

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