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Montang in Fahrenheit 451

            In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Montang is a firefighter who burns books because that is his job and it is what is expected of him . He doesn't necessarily think that books are harmful and dangerous but he just does what he does without really thinking or caring. Montang undergoes a huge transformation as a character . People might consider him as a saviour or a heroic figure .The major influences on Montang's transformation was meeting Clarisse, his own personal conflicts about his marriage and his job and also Faber had a great influence on Montang as well.
             In the beginning of the novel , Montang doesn't think about anything. He is unhappy and confused. He does not bother to question his own marriage or his job as a firemen. Before he met Clarisse he thought his life was perfect . His marriage was far from perfect. He and Mildred barely spoke of anything important , they never had conversations that had meaning . They weren't affectionate and barley showed love for each other . They also didn't have much in common. His transformation begins right after he meets her. Clarisse always told Montang the way she saw things. She always brought questions about eveything such as society , people , and everything around her. She is the one who gets Montang to begin questioning everything from his own happiness to the reason for burning books. Only after he meets Clarisse he wonders if firemen ever "put out fires instead of going to start them"(8). When Montang found out that Clarisse was hit by a car and killed he got depressed , and thats exactly when he thought more of what Clarisse had ever told him. "You're not in love with anyone" (19) After Clarrise's question Montang starts to think about Mildred and whether they really do love each other. To find out he truth Montang asks Mildred if she remembers where they met the first time. The fact that Montang actually asks Mildred if she remembered where they met the first time shows how Clarisse's question influenced Montang .

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