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Film Psychoanalysis - Crash

             Sergeant John Ryan faces many different stressful situations throughout the film. From the rigorous task of being on the LAPD and dealing with the day to day struggles of that. However, the largest level of stress is brought from a long term situation. Sergeant Ryan witnessed his father lose everything he had when he lost his janitorial business fail due to the city giving contracts to minorities businesses due to affirmative action. Sergeant Ryan copes with this by rationalizing why he is prejudiced against African-Americans and minorities. He uses his father experiences as an excuse to why he doesn't necessarily like them and does not think they are as capable as Caucasians in the workforce. Using this defense mechanism will just continue to feed his prejudiced behavior. By rationalizing everytime he gets in a situation with a minority he will be able to find an excuse as to why they do not deserve to be in the place that they are in, or that they are inferior to Caucasian. Officer Ryan is deeply scarred by watching his dad struggle, and the added stress from watching his sick dad suffer as long as the stress from his job as a police officer.
             Sergeant Ryan predominantly uses his ID. His ID takes control thats why he does not monitor what he says and does all of the time when interacting with African-Americans. For example when interacting with Shaniqua Johnson initially he was cordial. However, once he did not get what he wanted, Sergeant Ryan resorted back to his prejudice behavior in saying that she isn't qualified for her job and that a white man should have her position. This shows that he lets his ID get to him in stressful situations when African-Americans are involved. Through observing Sergeant John Ryan I have found that he extreme personality traits are Closed-Minded and Neuroticism. Ryan is close minded due to how certain things affected his life in his youth after his father lost his business as well as seeing things while serving on the LAPD for 17 years.

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