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Weapons and Racism in the Movie Crash

            Los Angeles is a multicultural city that is divided into various ethnic neighborhoods. Crash illustrates the union of all these cultures over a period of two days. From local thugs to law enforcement officers, from drug addicts to political figures, Crash brings individuals of varying backgrounds together in a film which represents the attitudes that many people share, particularly those attitudes of racism, whether they are overtly expressed or subconsciously so. However, despite the film's major theme of racism, there is a greater theme that is more subtle: the state of power and control that characters have when a firearm is present. Although the film is overtly about racism, several main characters either use a gun or are directly affected by another character's use of a gun, which demonstrates the film's true premise.
             "It's the sense of touch, in any real city you walk, you know, you brush pass, people bump into you, in L.A nobody touches you, we are always behind this metalling glass, I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something," said detective Graham Waters as he reminisces about life. Racism is a very noticeable belief that various people around the world share. There are various types of racism, racism can be in forms of supremacy, hate and even genocide. Racism is shaped by sociology, specifically in relation to social problems. Racism can either be direct or indirect. Direct racism can be seen in incidents of racial abuse, harassment and discrimination. Racism is also manifested indirectly, in the form of prejudiced attitudes, lack of recognition of cultural diversity and culturally biased practices. In the film "Crash" directed by Paul Haggis, the idea of direct and indirect racism is presented. The lives of several multicultural people from Los Angeles California interlace with the central idea of racism.

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