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Movie Summary - On Golden Pond

             To summarize, the movie "On Golden Pond" presents a couple who spends the summer at their house in Golden Pond located in New England. The main character, Norman, has a daughter who visits him on his birthday, bringing her boyfriend and son Billy, who stays with the couple for the summer. Because of Norman behaving negatively due to his health declining, he faces conflicts such as showing hostility towards younger people, and prolonging his emotionally distant relationship with his daughter, and bonding with his grandson. This movie encourages people to view aging as a beautiful adventure, instead of a tormenting prison.
             Connection with Research.
             Moving on, Norman demonstrates health symptoms and changes in behavior due to old age, which is supported by current research. To begin with, I will analyze how Norman experiences health symptoms due to old age and how research supports this. Firstly, one of the health symptoms that Norman shows due to old age is memory loss. For example, when Norman enters the vacation house, he picks up an old family photo of him, his wife, and his daughter and says "Who the hell is in this picture here, who is that?". The fact that he cannot remember anyone in his family photo shows his memory declining due to old age. Secondly, in another scene in the movie, Norman almost sets the house on fire because he forgets to put the safety screen on. The fact that he forgot to put the safety screen on represents him experiencing memory loss due to old age. And to review, these two examples of memory loss due to old age are supported from scientific research as the National Institute of Aging(NIH) says "Certain parts of the brain that are important in learning, memory, planning, and other complex cognitive activities shrink with age". The fact that certain parts of the brain associated with memory such as the hippocampus shrink with age, supports how Norman could not identify the people in his family photo and forgot to put the safety screen on the fireplace due to his old age.

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