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Understanding My Learning Patterns

            Learning cannot be generalized, it cannot be condensed to every person. Every individual has their own characteristics he/she brings to the table. As much as you would like to help the next person by telling them how you learn, this may actually confuse them more than when they started. Being an effective learner is about understanding who you are and what learning patterns you mirror the most. Not only figuring it out but also believing in the results is key. As I begun the course, I did not believe the initial results were accurate. I understood what they all meant but did not believe this was my way of learning. This thought process hampered my ability to truly succeed in the course, as I spent the first couple of weeks being conflicted about my beliefs. This eventually subsided and allowed me to understand my true learning abilities. .
             I am truly a dynamic learner. I find myself consistently being able to adapt to whatever situation arises. My learning pattern scores are: Sequence 21, Precise 19, Technical 26, and Confluent 22. All of these roles play a vital part in my everyday duties. My job requires me to be able to figure things out on the fly, as well as be able to make them understandable for the next person to be able to come along and do the same thing. These same tasks require me to be creative, while giving minimal direction. These are all directly related to me needing all of the learning patterns. This also helped in getting through this course. Understanding my learning patterns was very beneficial in the completion of this course. As much as my Precision was trying to take over because I would go into an assignment thinking I knew everything, I would simply intensify by sequence to ensure I understood all the required tasks for each assignment. Reading and discussions became much easier because the more information I knew, the easier the discussion response would be.

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