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The Concept of Control in Orwell's 1984

            Control is the ability to rule over and obtain everything. Having control is the satisfaction of being on top and being able to rule. Throughout the novel of 1984, there are many examples of control especially by the government. The government is pursued as a strong group of individuals, who control the citizens of Oceania, by brainwashing them with rules, spying on them with telescreens and other technologies and lastly by controlling what is thought and spoken. Being told the same thing over and over again, will be stuck to your mind. That is what is happening with the citizens of Oceania, they have been told the same phrase multiple times, the phrase "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength."(Orwell,4) is now locked into their minds. They hear this phrase when they are walking, talking, eating and even sleeping. It is heard everywhere due to it being drilled into them. The government has what they want, control. They have controlled the citizens by brainwashing them phrases and rules. They have not only brainwashed them, they are taking advantage of the young innocent citizens. The young have been told what is right and what is wrong at a very young age, not only by their parents, but by the government too. An example that shows the advantage taken by the government would be the Parsons. The Parsons are considered to be your ideal family, the parents have taught their kids what they were taught their by parents and the government. When Winston went over to the Parsons apartment, the kids came out and began yelling "You're a thought-criminal! You're a Eurasian spy! I'll shoot you, I'll send you to the salt mines!"(pg.23), this did not only happen because of what the parents thought them, it also had a large impact on what they heard around. Stated above was another example showing how the government is controlling the minds of citizens, by not only telling them what to, by also telling them how to do it.

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