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            1984, George Orwell, New American Library a division of Penguin Putnam inc., New York, New York, Copyright 1949, 272 pages, fiction.
             "Big Brother," a symbol that represents the 1984 government in Oceania (what used to be England) has absolute power over its citizens, and even monitors thoughts. Winston Smith hates this and attempts rebellion with his love, Julia, and the Brotherhood, but is simply tricked by O"Brien, an inner party member. .
             The book is divided into chapters, which tie into each other by continuing on previous chapters and advancing the plot. These chapters make up three books (book one, book two, and book three). Each book is a different section of the plot. There were not any pictures, but there were large bolded statements like "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU," which were used in order to show the importance of these statements and the fear that they bring. I do not think that there should have been any pictures because it is easy to visualize with all of the description. .
             The author wrote this book as a projection of what was going to occur in the future. He wanted to satire what was going on at the time with wars and to denounce communism as well. It is worthwhile because it would be fun to predict the future and make up obscene fantasies about what you think it could be like based on how things are at the present. The author is trying to make the points that sometimes governments take it too far with their power over its citizens, and also at the same time how easily people can be persuaded to believe many things. For instance, the inner party constantly changes Oceania's state of peace by announcing "Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia and allies with Eastasia," while the next week they may announce the opposite, and the people believe whatever they say because of the concept the inner party created, called doublethink. I thought that this was funny that people could be brainwashed in such a way, and they also had no recollection of the past, before "Big Brother.

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