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Therapeutic Models and Theories of Communication

             This paper explores the models and theories of communication including linear model, circular transactional models, verbal and non-verbal communication, therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication. The writer would also explain how each of these models were applied in an interview that the writer conducted in participation of Mr. Fred Mohammadi. This paper examines how verbal and non-verbal cues were executed during the entire phase of the interview. .
             The Models and Theories of Communication and Their Therapeutic and Non-Therapeutic Effects.
             Communication is an essential characteristic of human functioning. Through communication, we construct meaning and share it with others (Interpersonal Relationships Arnold & Boggs, p. 13). Communication is one of the essential factors to maintain a good quality of life because it allows humans to interact and to provide comfort. Communication includes verbal and nonverbal. During verbal communication, there are many factors that affect the choice of words.  For example, age, race, socioeconomic status, education background, gender, place, and situation are the factors.  Nonverbal communication includes body language, facial expressions, and active listening. The ability to classify information in ways that can be understood by self and others would be severely impaired if spoken languages were not used.  In hospitals, the importance of communication becomes even more evident. Not only a lot of information is given and understood by communicating, but also a patient's needs and feelings are mostly learned through communication.  .
             Therefore, therapeutic communication is as important as knowledge, evidence based practice, and so on.
             In this article I had conducted an interview with the Mr. Fred Mohammadi, who is 32 years old, restaurant server, and single. The writer will explain and cite examples how each models of communication were executed and determine verbal and non-verbal cues during the entire phase of the interview.

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