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Renaissance Humanism

            Renaissance Humanism rise after the collapse of the Middle Ages, thus ending its feudalism. Humanism started in Florence in 1300s, which people think life should be more enjoyable and people should be more educated in things like art, science, and music. It was a rebirth of Greeks and Roman because they studied them and compared them to each other. The Art changes dramatically putting focus on human interest, needs, and abilities; artist painted their subject more real, and reading and writing because useful in daily life.
             In the Middle Ages, people grew up thinking nothing but hard work and war. However, in the 1300s, people in Florence think differently in life.People began to move out of the social classes and the feudal system began to break down. They studied the Greeks and Romans and saw that they had a different life than the life in the Middle Ages. People began to move to the cities and start businesses and support themselves. People found out that they could change their lives, where they work and live. Painters were now being supported through patrons, who were wealthy merchants who bought the paintings and sold them.There were many people involved such as Francesco Petrarch. He was a scholar and a poet who studied and wrote about Ancient Rome. Giotto was the first painter to paint what objects and people really look like. Dante was another major contributor. He wrote the book Devine Comedy in 1300s. It is one of the greatest book ever written in italian language. Humanism develop in trading cities because middle class emerged, there are now people who can buy expensive goods. Humanism is related to secularism because religion was less important than people. Secularization refers to the historical process in which religion loses social and cultural significance.
             Renaissance Humanism art, architecture, sculptures change dramatically.The art change from something that looks like a cartoon to something that looks real.

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